Fun Friday Foto - Camera Sutra

OK, so the idea isn't originally ours, but as photographers we just love the concept....

While many people think photographers just stand around and hold their cameras to get those gorgeous shots, that really isn't the case. To guarantee the sharpest image possible, we mount our cameras on tripods.

Of course, the sturdy and stable qualities we love in tripods are often at odds with our need to position our cameras at precariously odd angles, perched over a ledge, or close to the ground. That's why we fell in love with Trey Ratcliff's (Stuck in Customs) new "Camera Sutra" t-shirt. It has become the un-official uniform of Ford Photography. Here's Melinda modeling it in the field.

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Here's Melinda getting into the Camera Sutra "Scissors" position. 

Here's Melinda getting into the Camera Sutra "Scissors" position. 

Two in the Bush

Normally, photographers are loathe to venture outside when the skies are gray and dreary.  Don't get me wrong, I love to go out when the storms are rolling in and the skies are dramatic, but yesterday wasn't one of those days. The rain was just a drizzle, at best. The skies were dull and lifeless. 

Still, Melinda and I think it's important to regularly take photographs. It's a lot like being an athlete. You have to practice - not just to improve, but just to stay "in-form". So, although the light was as boring as could be, we took to the road anyway.  

Now, I'm not going to say that we unexpectedly came back with a camera-full of spectacular images. We didn't. But, the weather did force me to look at my subjects in different ways. Because the lighting was flat, I began looking at form and composition much more closely. I saw patterns in areas that I normally wouldn't have glanced at. 

So, when driving back home, my eyes were particularly sensitive to see shapes and forms. Driving along at 65mph I quickly glanced to the side of the road and though I saw two giant birds in the tree and I thought one of them was a hummingbird.  Of course, by the time I completed that thought, I was already well beyond that point. Rather than just keep driving, though, I turned around at the next opportunity and went to investigate.  

It turns out, I did see some birds in the bush. Actually, nature had created its own drawing. A combination of dead branches and sticks gathered by wind and probably other birds, had created an uncanny representation of two birds.

While I didn't capture hundreds of dramatic photos yesterday, all that practice did prepare me to capture this one.

Two in the Bush  taken along highway 87 in Arizona. Copyright Kelly Ford

WPO Photographer of the Month, February 2013

We are honored and excited to announce that Kelly has been selected as the World Photography Organisation's (WPO) Photographer of the Month for February. The UK-based organization interviewed Kelly and features him on their website this month.

Follow the link below to read all about it and see a few other photos from his portfolio.

Get your kicks on Route 66 (Nat King Cole) or perhaps you prefer "Standing on the corner in Winslow Arizona" (The Eagles). You can find them both at this one location in Winslow, Arizona.

Kelly Gets Published!

We are pleased and excited to share amazing news... Kelly had his photograph "Solitude" published in the February 2013 printed issue of Photoshop User magazine.

You will find Kelly's photograph "Solitude" on page O24 of Photoshop User magazine. 

Kelly took this photo while wandering the back roads of Central Washington State on a flat, gray winter day. The hoar frost added a lot of texture and interest to the mostly agricultural scene. He chanced upon this pasture with a single horse and knew he had to take the shot. Even on a gray winter day, it pays to go out. You never know what shot you’ll come home with.

Add Two More to the List

Just a quick note to add that Pixoto wasn't done handing out Best of Year awards. Kelly picked up two more in the Buildings and Architecture category including Lomaki, pictured above.

Ford Photography Nabs 6 Best of Year Awards

The image dueling site Pixoto, which pits images against each other in a battle to the death - or to decide which image is better, released its Best of the Year awards over the weekend. Even though we have only been submitting images since November, we're excited to let you know that Kelly won 4 best of the year awards and Melinda earned 2.

It's gratifying to win accolades for our work but we're most impressed with the wonderful support and feedback we receive from you. Thanks for your support of the visual stories we tell.

California Coast

There are few drives in the US as scenic or as fun to drive as Highway 1 on the West Coast. This image was taken in California - one of many picturesque spots.