Two in the Bush

Normally, photographers are loathe to venture outside when the skies are gray and dreary.  Don't get me wrong, I love to go out when the storms are rolling in and the skies are dramatic, but yesterday wasn't one of those days. The rain was just a drizzle, at best. The skies were dull and lifeless. 

Still, Melinda and I think it's important to regularly take photographs. It's a lot like being an athlete. You have to practice - not just to improve, but just to stay "in-form". So, although the light was as boring as could be, we took to the road anyway.  

Now, I'm not going to say that we unexpectedly came back with a camera-full of spectacular images. We didn't. But, the weather did force me to look at my subjects in different ways. Because the lighting was flat, I began looking at form and composition much more closely. I saw patterns in areas that I normally wouldn't have glanced at. 

So, when driving back home, my eyes were particularly sensitive to see shapes and forms. Driving along at 65mph I quickly glanced to the side of the road and though I saw two giant birds in the tree and I thought one of them was a hummingbird.  Of course, by the time I completed that thought, I was already well beyond that point. Rather than just keep driving, though, I turned around at the next opportunity and went to investigate.  

It turns out, I did see some birds in the bush. Actually, nature had created its own drawing. A combination of dead branches and sticks gathered by wind and probably other birds, had created an uncanny representation of two birds.

While I didn't capture hundreds of dramatic photos yesterday, all that practice did prepare me to capture this one.

Two in the Bush  taken along highway 87 in Arizona. Copyright Kelly Ford