Fun Friday Foto - Camera Sutra

OK, so the idea isn't originally ours, but as photographers we just love the concept....

While many people think photographers just stand around and hold their cameras to get those gorgeous shots, that really isn't the case. To guarantee the sharpest image possible, we mount our cameras on tripods.

Of course, the sturdy and stable qualities we love in tripods are often at odds with our need to position our cameras at precariously odd angles, perched over a ledge, or close to the ground. That's why we fell in love with Trey Ratcliff's (Stuck in Customs) new "Camera Sutra" t-shirt. It has become the un-official uniform of Ford Photography. Here's Melinda modeling it in the field.

Get your own at

 Here's Melinda getting into the Camera Sutra "Scissors" position. 

Here's Melinda getting into the Camera Sutra "Scissors" position.